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Develop excellent learning skills with Mission Graduate Tutoring LLC. Solid learning habits are born of practice and repetition, which is why we take this approach with our students. We use constructive study techniques to enhance retention and better preparation methods to improve results. Our online classes and tutoring in Dallas-Fort Worth show students who we are and how they can be successful. Our company was developed with a clear vision based on collective experience, comprehensive training, and preparation.


Practice & Repetition

Just as in sports, a player needs to understand all aspects of the game they are playing.

Solid learning habits are born of practice and repetition, as in sports.  Skills are developed and fostered.  In taking this approach, we see the same is true in learning.

Constructive study techniques improve retention, better retention improves testing results.  Better Mission Graduate Tutoring preparation methods always improve results.

What Makes Us So Special?

Mission Graduate Tutoring developed the company with a clear vision based upon collective experience and comprehensive training and preparation. It shows in all of our tutoring sessions! Our results speak for themselves in the academic success of our students!


Our Programs

Tutoring By the Hour $65

Weekly Tutoring $59

Monthly Programs $55

About Our Founder

John W. Walker II, our founder and CEO, is a US Navy veteran who served in public education for 31 years as a history teacher and school counselor. He graduated from Baylor University with a Bachelor of Science in History Education before getting a Master of Education Administration Degree and a Master of Arts in Counseling from Prairie View A&M University.

With his knowledge and skills, he founded Mission Graduate Tutoring to offer comprehensive online classes and tutoring promoting advanced learning. Due to COVID, we adapted to a new alternative and provided a high-quality tutoring solution. Regardless of the location, our tutors assist students with virtual learning, where they do the following:


  • Master Academic Skills by Working with a Degreed Tutor/Coach
  • Improve Their Performance on Standardized Tests
  • Develop Improved Study Habits
  • Gain Higher Academic Confidence
  • Increase Their Chances of Enrolling in AP Courses, Graduating from High School on Time, and Enrolling in College

John W Walker II, CEO
Mission Graduate Tutoring LLC

Mission Graduate Tutoring

Virtual Test Prep, Tutoring & College Counseling

Mission Graduate Tutoring K-12 Live Online Tutoring is devoted to preparing students with everything they need to be successful in their K-12 years. They will want to be prepared to take the next step in to college. Our professional tutors are trained instructors and specialize in the various K-12 subjects.

Classes are customized for each student beginning with a basic lesson plans. Students can participate in, digital class room or take advantage of face-to-face direct instruction.
The SAT, ACT, PSAT, AP Exams procedure for university admission starts with how to take the test. Test training and exam pointers are crucial in improving standardized test scores. The National Association for College Admission Counseling quotes SAT or ACT rankings as one of the top three reasons for successful college admission. For many students, admission into a university or receiving a scholarship, starts with high test scores.

Tutors Available for Any Subject

Be prepared for college with our virtual test prep, tutoring, and counseling. Mission Graduate Tutoring provides live online classes for K-12 students, helping them be successful at school and graduate on time for college. Whether you need an online math tutor or a geography instructor, count on our team to receive personalized assistance in any senior-year subject. Our tutors are trained to offer comprehensive tutorial coaching for the following classes:

























Assisting Students of All Levels

Students of all levels struggle at school for different reasons. Our tutoring approach is to work closely with them during their learning process, helping them study and providing strategies to improve in any area. We provide more than homework assistance and focus on the student’s academic goals. Students show short- and long-term improvement by planning ahead for projects and testing. They can also increase their grades with motivation and honed study skills regardless of their GPA.

Mission Graduate Tutoring takes the approach of an education coach, tutoring students to reach academic goals. We are aware of our role as we thrive in the execution and delivery of our services. Our company is among the oldest and most well-established in education, with an impeccable track record of successful students and experience.

Personalized Tutoring

We offer more than virtual tutoring in Dallas-Fort Worth. Our company is well-known for its holistic approach and considers our dedicated tutors to be our greatest asset. These professionals are dedicated to the fostering and development of our students, regardless of age or level of education. Our tutors are also trained and show their capabilities before working with children.

Beginning Your Academic Journey

Feel confident knowing you have chosen a rewarding, beneficial, and essential academic journey. Chat with one of our friendly and compassionate staff members to get started. We are available to help students choose the program that suits their needs. Regardless of academic goals and performance levels, our experts create a personalized tutoring schedule to help our students meet their short- and long-term goals and budget.

Register for our online classes and tutoring today to receive concise and efficient guidance.

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